Blow  room, high production  cards, high production draw frames with minimum space  requirement with and without autolevellers, combing machines all for natural fibers, synthetic fibers and the blends

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Trützschler Blow room: Complete blow room or individual machines for minimum waste quantities and maximum fiber yield.

Trützschler Carding :Exclusive from Trützschler: The longest carding section and most effective carding width result in highest quality.

Trützschler T-Data System: The centrally controlled T-Data system monitors the production, and at the same time allows an analysis of the production and quality data. The data can be accessed even while on the go. All it takes is an internet-enabled Smartphone, tablet, or notebook.

Trützschler Draw Frame:  the economic Draw Frame TD 7 without levelling and the High Production Draw Frame TD 8 up to 1000m/min.

Trützschler  Combing: The perfect symbiosis: Toyota combing know-how and Trützschler draw frame technology.







 Trützschler TD8 CER

Trützschler TD8 Cer

The autoleveller Draw Frame "COMPACT" TD 8C is the Trützschler solution for minimal space requirement. The identifier C = COMPACT characterises the installation solution for this machine.









Trützschler - Toyota Superlap TSL 12


Trützschler - Toyota

Superlap TSL 12

The newly developed Superlap with multi-drive system produces premium-quality laps. Thanks to individual drives, draft and tension can be precisely adapted to cotton quality and batt weight. Each sub-process has its own drive.